Conscience Immolation

One week before the rite, an approximately child-sized effigy is constructed from flammable materials (cotton, linen, burlap, et cetera), and decorated with a single Eihwaz Rune turned on its side. Construction of the effigy, dubbed ‘Cearu’, precludes a Black Fast (no mind-altering/inebriating substances, meat, or sexual activity) for the week leading up to the rite, which is to be held on the night of the New Moon.

In addition to the aforementioned Black Fast, counting of mala while reciting Sinister mantra will be conducted nightly for a total of 108 recitations. The most commonly used mantra is ‘Agios o Baphemetis, agios Athanatos’, although a bit of creativity in deriving mantras from Sinister lore is permitted and in fact encouraged. Whichever mantra is decided on must be uniform and consistent if CONSCIENCE IMMOLATION is being carried out by a Nexion, and if the rite is being carried out in solitude, the same mantra must be consistently recited each night of the Fasting period, and at approximately the same time.

Those in attendance will dress in all black, and if conditions permit, the Mistress ought to wear something which is sexually appealing, as to inflame the passions of males in attendance, and by the same token, the Master must choose garments which emphasise his masculine presence and qualities.

On the night of the New Moon, all of those attending the rite will construct a bonfire or burning-pit in a secluded location, taking care to ensue that nothing will burn that is not meant to (bringing a fair amount of water is strongly advised). Kindling will be laid in the place-of-burning, and Cearu will be laid atop the kindling. A censer-bearer will walk anti-clockwise circles around the place-of-burning, censing with incense appropriate to the sphere currently dominant as per astrological correspondence, during which time the rest of those in attendance will vibrate the chant similarly appropriate to the astrological season. If solitary, the individual will chant while walking and censing as previously described.

At the culmination of the chant, the Master/individual recites the following:

Kindred (if in a group setting), by the power of our gathering and the Dark Gods who lurk at the threshold, Cearu is condemned to Immolation.

Strong red wine is passed around, each in attendance drinking deeply.

Mistress (if present, otherwise the individual):

Conquest, and strength and victory,

They are yours; they shall never cease

While the trees are, and the hills.

The ancient, primeval stars are right,

And the wind, like a presence, fills

The temple-aisles of the wood;

It is yours, it is good,

It is made for your delight.

Conquest, and strength and victory,

They are here that you find release

From the mournful memories

Oh, cast your grief to the fire.

And be strong with the Gods

And trample foes whilst iron-shod.

Conquer, here and beyond

And by your deeds, live on and on.

Master (or the Individual):

Darkness’ scions,

Who keep, in this gray autumn of the world,

Its springtime in your hearts,

I charge ye all:

For lasting victory we lift our eyes

To one alone, and she surrounds you now,

Baphemetis, stimulus for the weary heart

And only balm for breasts that have been bruised,

Her counsels are most wise.

But ye must come

As conquerors, and warriors that know,

Nor ever doubt her beauty or her strength,

Nor dream her wild fury can change or die!’

Master (or the Individual):

Cearu, arch-enemy of victory; not for thee

The tender tribute and the restful grave,

But fire shall have its will of thee!

The effigy of Cearu is then doused with a flammable liquid (petrol, high-proof spirit) and set alight. As Cearu burns, those gathered raise their left arms up-and-forward towards the burning sacrifice, their left hands forming Shuni mudra. 

The Mistress:

Well should we know our living flame

Of darkness can sear

The grasping claws of Cearu,

Throttle his impious screams

And send his cowering carcass

From this world.

Begone, detested Cearu, begone!

Once more we banish thee!

Let the all potent spirit of this pyre

By its cleansing fire

Encircle the dark gathering

Agios Satanas; begone Cearu!

Once again Immolation sets us free!

The gathering recites once again the astrologically-relevant chant from before, arms still upright in Shuni mudra, and gazes into the fire while doing so. They will focus all of their lesser instincts of fear, anxiety, worry, et cetera into the blazing effigy, feeling a sense of Satanic pride and confidence rushing to fill the void where once dwelt the irrational prey-animal and its fearful stench. Simultaneously, the Master and Mistress visualise an opening above the pyre, like a great wound in reality through which squirming black tendrils reach, coursing with unholy energy as they force themselves into the orifices of the gathered kindred, forcing out their weakness and insubstantial concerns, and filling them with ghoulish, otherworldly power.

Chanting, visualisation, and mudra continue until Cearu has burned for a length of time deemed satisfactory to the Master/Mistress, which is usually once Cearu has been reduced to unrecognisable ashes. When the immolation has concluded, it is again up to the Master/Mistress to decide how best to conclude things. The Recalling ending – sans exsanguination – might be ideal depending on number and make-up of those in attendance, and certainly, the night of CONSCIENCE IMMOLATION and other rites are arguably the most appropriate times for carnal revelry, given the pent-up energies of those present. By a similar token, abstaining from alcohol and other such things for a week tends to greatly increase sensitivity, and as such, one becomes much more receptive to the powers of even the smallest amount. Thus, preparing a feast of some kind beforehand, replete with the pleasures denied in the weak prior, is a suitable means of concluding the night’s events.

– 513

NOTE – This rite has been designed to be as adaptable as possible to varying circumstances of attendance or lack thereof. In a perfect and ideal scenario, a full temple or gathering of individuals would be carrying out CONSCIENCE IMMOLATION, however it is all too common for a pair or even just an individual to be undertaking the process – an unfortunate fact of having such fringe interests!


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