Worldly Folk

Those who follow the rules, obey the law, and live “normal” lives are referred to as “Mundanes”. They rarely, if ever, colour outside of the lines, and their heads are full of whatever nonsense popular culture has force-fed them. Their responses are programmed, and more often than not, things outside of their established norm are met with fear and hostility, reacting more like animals than genuine human beings. They vote, consume, labour, etc. all in accordance with the lifestyle which was planned for them.

There is something tragic about the notion of the Mundane and their involuntary retardation by external forces.

The response to Mundanes by those who are not “Mundane” is typically a sneering, haughty one, or even outright malice. Contempt bordering on hostility. Because one has perceived the bars of their prison cell, unlike the mundane – who exists in a prison so absolute that the idea of “beyond” is unthinkable – they think themselves superior creatures, and behave with a sort of arrogance in regards to the common man, and this has resembled more the caricatures of the Magian than anything, who refer to Gentiles as “Cattle”, and have within their culture many unkind sayings about Gentiles. Nietzsche himself made the remark that one should be careful not to become what they are fighting against, and yet many would adopt such absolute, reactionary contempt, choosing the ease of broad strokes over fine brushwork and detailing – a baffling position to maintain when one’s goal is to challenge oneself, creating the Overman by choosing the hard way.

My own experiences have taught me to be kinder than the Magian. The Mundanes might not appreciate Sinister material or even have the ability to grasp it in its entirety, but such is not their Wyrd. Does this make them stupid? Do they cease to be people? I should think not, rather, it simply means that their experiences, in conjunction with their nature and the unfortunate culture many are born into, have shaped them differently than us. Many are exceedingly capable people, excelling in fields I am quite sure I could not handle myself, and are content with the idea of being content – antithetical to us, but not everyone dreams of an Imperium. In my dealings with them, I strive to be kind and patient, holding my tongue on more onerous subjects and occasionally dropping breadcrumbs to test the supposed Mundanes, perhaps even sparking tendencies towards the Sinister they didn’t even know they possessed. I have seen, on many occassions, Mundanes rise to meet challenges of will and character, and even little gestures of decency are not uncommon. If I am truly a blackly noble sort, it would then stand to reason to behave in a manner which could be described as “noble”, as I am not a saintly individual by any means, but I have standards, and I am most certainly not Magian.

From a much broader perspective than just my own, it is out of consideration for other, similar folk that I am as mindful. Everything I do might be associated with them, and if I am seen as an absolute bell-end, then by extension those I share traits with suffer the same. Inversely, if I behave with class and proper conduct, peers might share in the resulting esteem. One does a service to the Tradition as a whole by acting with far-reaching implications in mind.

Finally, why the nauseating, saccharine hippie-zen shit, if the broader subject is the “Sinister” Tradition? As stated above, a central part of the Tradition is challenging oneself, and reacting contrarily to impulse. One is hardly anything resembling the Overman by not raising oneself over oneself, instead they are just an edgy, socially inept dweeb who will remain useless and ineffective, having never pushed themselves in any sense. Additionally, and perhaps most overtly “Sinister”, one who is publicly known as a decent fellow can navigate far, and will be extended favours, offers, invitations, and various other social boons which help to cultivate practical ability towards causal change – I recall being extended a very well-paid business opportunity simply by helping jump-start a gentleman’s dead battery.

It is also worth noting that the “He would never do that!” effect is very real…

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